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Ball Washin' Bastards

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We barely do the show. We post here less. No one is really paying attention anymore (if they ever were). Jackson has reached a level of success and fame that seemed impossible a year ago. I continue to lurk in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to emerge. Which may be never.

In the meantime, since everyone has mostly forgotten about all of this (and rightly so), I’d like to take this moment to say balls. Cuz I can.

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This dog is ruining my life…

I used to be able to sleep in on weekends. I used to be able to take a nap whenever I wanted. I never used to fear for the life of my cats every second of every day. I used to be the only one who destroyed my shoes. Or remotes. Or shirts. I used to only go outside when I was leaving to do something I enjoy. I never picked up poop; I flushed it. But she’s cute. And someday, she might fetch me the paper. Totally worth it…

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"They were singing ‘America the Beautiful’ in foreign talk! Only English can give that song its certain je na sais quoi. Last thing I wanna be is a prima donna here, but I am full of schadenfreude over this." -Stephen Colbert

I do grow weary of the outrage over the outrage over the Coke commercial that appeared during the Super Bowl. I understand that intolerance is intolerable, but I would like to commend a giant, important corporation like Coca-Cola celebrating diversity on a global scale. America is the best damn country in the world, and this commercial (and the outrage it caused, unfortunately) are two shining examples.

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